Kapron Air Filters

Various air filters for various needs 

Kapron Air Filters

Different filters for industrial and sensitive processes, cleanrooms and laboratories 

Kapron filter products 

HEPA and Ulpa air filters

HEPA & Ulpa Air Filters

HEPA and Ulpa filters remove ultrafine particles from H11 to U17 classes and are suitable for use in sensitive industries and environments such as clean rooms and hospitals.

activated carbon filters

Panel Air Filters

Kapon Panel Filters are manufactured in 5 different models of Metal Panel, KA100, CP100, MP100 and GP100, and in different classes based on their use.

all kinds of air filters

Pocket Air Filters

Kapron’s pocket filters include 4 types of Eco, Rigid, High-Flow, and Mega-Kap filters   


About Kapron Air Filters


Kapron is a registered brand for a variety of filters. Kapron filter incorporates air filters for a wide range of uses, including public industries, clean rooms for pharmaceutical, automotive and electronic industries, building and architecture, hospitals and more.
Kapron products include, in terms of application, filters for removing small and coarse particles and adsorbent filters for chemical contaminants. In terms of diversity, Kapron product portfolio includes a variety of panel, pocket, roll, low-medium, high-efficiency and Compact (V-Cell) filters.